Packing Instructions

Packaging and Shipping Blood Samples

Recent revisions in the regulations concerning packaging of biologic specimens have caused concern among persons sending samples for diagnostic testing. Following are specific instructions on packaging samples to meet the new regulations.

Packing Instructions:

  1. Collect samples in plastic or glass blood collection tubes
  2. Wrap each sample tube in absorbent material (paper towel}
  3. Place all absorbent wrapped tubes in heavy duty zip lock bag.
  4. Place Freezer pack and first Zip Lock bag in second Zip Lock bag
  5. Place in shipping box with sufficient packing material (newspaper or similar) to pad and prevent shifting/shaking during shipping.
  6. Complete PAVL lab submission form. Submitter NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE, EMAIL, SPECIES and TEST desired must be included.
    To download Blood Sample Submission Form, CLICK HERE.
    To download Culture Submission Form, CLICK HERE.
  7. Label box with PAVL address or print address label here
    4735 County Rd. 309
    Lexington, TX 78947
  8. Write on outside of box in large letters as “EXEMPT ANIMAL SPECIMENS”
  9. Ship to arrive in 3 days or less , Priority Mail (USPS) or faster

Print packing instructions