Diagnostic Services

A major factor in the fragile economic balance of the American sheep and goat industry is maintaining disease free herds and flocks. Because accurate diagnosis of infected animals within a herd is essential to disease eradication, Pan American Veterinary Laboratories (PAVL) offers ELISA assays for several diseases found in these ruminants.

The ability to identify infected animals prior to purchase is important in preventing the introduction of disease into a herd or flock. You can be confident in the health of animals from a well-managed herd that has been tested negative by the PAVL ELISA tests.

If a herd or flock is infected, the PAVL ELISA tests will identify infected animals. This will enable you to successfully implement proven herd management techniques (i.e. culling, segregation, and vaccination) to eliminate the disease.

By offering assays for all of these diseases in one laboratory, PAVL can provide you with the most state-of-the-art technology at an economical price. A single serum collection and mailing to one location can provide you with diagnostics for any combination of these important diseases.