Cat Pythiosis

The first case of cat pythiosis was only diagnosed 1991. Since then other cases have been reported in Louisiana and Florida. The first case was in a 3 year old male cat that developed a tumor like mass in the orbit of the right eye. The cat responded to chemotherapy. Four other cases recorded at Louisiana State University. Their subcutaneous lesions where located on their limbs, abdomen, and in the inguinal region. More recently two cases were reported at the University of Florida. The lesions in both cases were localized in the subcutaneous tissues, as subcutaneous masses. No sinus tracts, as in dogs and equines, were observed.

TREATMENT: Although the first case of cat pythiosis responded very well to ketoconazole and itraconazole, other small animal clinicians have found that that chemotherapy was not successful in some cats with the disease. The cases of cat pythiosis treated at the University of Florida, did not respond to fluconazole, amphotericin B, or ketoconazole or combination of both. One cat, however, responded to surgical amputation of his limb. Vaccination with the immunotherapeutic vaccine for equine pythiosis has been unsuccessful in cat pythiosis.