What is Bunnyvac?

BunnyVac is a vaccine for preventing Pasteurella infection in rabbits.

BunnyVac is the first and only product, developed specifically for rabbits, to be granted a USDA license.

How does BunnyVac work?

BunnyVac contains millions of killed Pasteurella bacterium which, when injected into a rabbit, cause an immune response identical to that seen in infected rabbits. However, since BunnyVac is a killed bacterial product, no infection occurs. Instead the rabbit develops an immune e response that is able to prevent a real infection in the future.

Can BunnyVac cause a Pasteurella infection in my rabbit?

No, BunnyVac is a killed bacterial product and can not cause an infection. Vaccinated rabbits may develop small amount of clear nasal drainage for 24-48 hours, but is not due to infection. It is due to the rabbit developing the strong immune response needed to protect against Pasteurella infection.

What age rabbits should be vaccinated with BunnyVac?

Any rabbit over 6 weeks old can be vaccinated.

It is safe to vaccinate nursing does.

It is safe to vaccinate pregnant does, however care should be taken in handling any pregnant doe.

Are BunnyVac boosters required?

Yes, the initial injection must be followed with a booster 30 days later and annual boosters are required to maintain immunity.

What studies were done to prove BunnyVac works?

A clinical trial protocol was developed based on USDA guidelines. This protocol was approved by USDA as a means to evaluate the ability of BunnyVac to prevent Pasteurellosis in rabbits. The study was carried out and the data developed was submitted to USDA. The data from this trial was analyzed by USDA staff and it was determined that the data proved that BunnyVac prevents Pasteurellaosis in rabbits.

What studies were done to prove that BunnyVac is safe?

300 hundred rabbits at three separate locations were vaccinated with BunnyVac and observed for any negative reaction. No negative reactions were noted.