BunnyVac Clinical Trial Summary

This study was designed to test efficacy of an experimental Pasteurella multocida Bacterin in laboratory rabbits by vaccination and challenge. Colorado Serum Company (CSC) has two currently licensed products containing Pasteurella multocida: 1. Pasteurella multocida Bacterin, Bovine and Porcine isolates (code# 2701.22), and 2. Mannheimia haemolytica- Pasteurella multocida Bacterin (code # 2700.00). The firm intends to use the currently licensed Bovine isolate (strain 1062) only, for a rabbit use license.

The study was conducted according to the approved efficacy protocol from a letter dated October 4, 2010, including recommended modifications by the firm’s reviewer.

The study was collaborated between Colorado Serum Company and Pan American Veterinary Laboratories (PAVL). PAVL has used CSC’s Mannheimia haemolytica- Pasteurella multocida Bacterin (code # 2700.00) off label in their laboratory rabbits and there is anecdotal evidence that the vaccine appears to decrease morbidity and mortality caused by Pasteurella multocida. The Mannheimia haemolytica- Pasteurella multocida Bacterin also contains the same Bovine isolate (strain 1062) as in the license code # 2701.22. Colorado Serum Company provided the experimental Pasteurella multocida Bacterin, while the study was conducted at PAVL.

The goal of this study was to show that this experimental Pasteurella multocida Bacterin decreased morbidity and mortality associated with Pasteurella multocida infection in a minor species (rabbits) by vaccination and challenge.

Full BunnyVac Clinical Trial Summary here.